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  1. Dino Rush 1.8 is available!

    Posted by patrice on March 28th, 2014
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    Dino Rush 1.8

    A new version of Dino Rush has just been released! It is a small update waiting for a major one we are working on. It is expected to come soon!

    So, for those that are missing the xmas theme we had during the winter holidays it is now back as a new item to unlock!

    If you are short on coins and can't wait to earn more you can get more coins instantly with in-app purchases!

    You can also make in-app purchases to support us and help making more awesome updates! Every little helps!


    Get the update now!



  2. Dino Rush xmas update is live!

    Posted by patrice on December 18th, 2013
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    The xmas update is eventually live!

    Enjoy the awesome xmas theme and eat as much candies as you like without being afraid of a stomach ache! 

    The game now starts at the Ice World : it's your chance to discover worlds you had never been to!


    Dino Rush xmas update


    It's Christmas before Christmas : to celebrate the release of this update we are giving away 50 promo codes to get the game for free! Hurry up and grab your code on

  3. A Dino Rush xmas update is coming!

    Posted by patrice on December 3rd, 2013
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    xmas icon

    We having been working hard in the past few weeks to prepare an xmas update for Dino Rush!

    It will feature lovely graphics prepared by fellow game developers Old Skull Games. A big thank you to them!



    Here is sneak peek of some graphics in this update :

    Dino Rush xmas


    If you can't wait and want to see more we are running an open beta, join now!

  4. Tunes Attack! is free for Black Friday

    Posted by patrice on November 29th, 2013
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    Today we are celebrating 2013 Black Friday by giving away our first game, the new generation of rhythm game : Tunes Attack!

    It is a limited time offer, get your free game now !


    Tunes Attack!