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  1. Check out our new game : Timeline Trivia

    Posted by patrice on April 6th, 2017
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    After a long series of beta versions, we are happy to announce we have just published the final version of our new game : Timeline Trivia! Timeline Trivia

    Timeline Trivia is a free online quizz game where you have to date events. Test your knowledge in multiple themes: movies, sports, celebrities, etc

    The game is web based and requires no installation. Just point your browser to, create an account and start playing !


    Timeline Trivia



    Play now !


  2. Dino Rush 2.0 major update!

    Posted by patrice on May 18th, 2015
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    Dino Rush 2.0

    A major update of our game Dino Rush has just been released!  

    This version contains:
    • a complete rewrite of all levels
    • new leaderboards
    • better game center integration
    • a new bonus shop : unlocked after you have finished all missions
    • a new game mode : Flappy Dino!
    • HD retina textures for the latest devices. You can change textures quality in the settings app
    • lots of bug fixes

    And... we are setting the game free! Get the game!

    Please help us make this update a success by spreading the word!


    To celebrate this release and track its success we have set up a Fruit-A-Thon on the game website:

    It counts all the fruits eaten by everybody during games. You can be part of it, keep eating fruits! 


    Dundy loves you!


  3. Dundy is 4 years old

    Posted by patrice on November 26th, 2014
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    Dundy's Birthday!

    Happy birthday Dundy! Today Dino Rush is celebrating its 4th birthday! 

    During those 4 years the game:

    • received 9 updates
    • had been downloaded more than 2.6 milion times
    • had been played more than 233 milion times

    To celebrate this event we are setting the game free, but for a limited time only! Tell yours friends to hurry getting their free Dundy on the app store!


    We have other good news : we are still working on Dino Rush updates, a major one should come in 2015. And in the meantime we have a new game which is near going into a public beta. If you want to preview it, it will be announced on twitter first, follow us!

  4. Critical bug fixed for Dino Rush on iOS 8

    Posted by patrice on October 5th, 2014
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    Dino Rush iOS 8The recent launches of iOS 8 brought a critical bug to Dino Rush : saving config (preferences, progress, items unlocked, coins earned) does not work.  

    We have been working hard to identify the issue and fix it. Apple has eventually approved the new version.

    If your iDevice is running on iOS 8 you should update to Dino Rush 1.9 as soon as possible. If you are not, you can safely skip this update.